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Peter Pan with a Tazer
Man Weekend 2016: An Open Challenge to Members of Lancaster Agonistics
Sean has sent out the terminal invite to us Baltimore heathens and I am honored. I plan on having my last two stick-fights ever at this event—and not with the guy that stopped me down here in April. Speaking of that guy, Charles, fighting him with a stick has become analogous to giving Peter Pan a tazer and then trying to handcuff him. You can have at him if you like and if you’re new to the stick, he will take it easy so you can experience that level of movement without getting hurt. If you would like to cross sticks with him or I the other one of us will coach you through the process.
Please select five weapon sets for you and I to go at it with, steel and/or stick.
Thanks for the invitation and I’ll see you Saturday, 5/21. We’ll be bringing spare head pieces and sticks.
James, 5/10/16
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