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Planting Twerps
Calling out Cory for Man Weekend 2016
Cory, I would like to close out my ill-advised fighting life with an experimental boxing bout, either Traveller Rules, London Prize Ring Rules or ancient Greek rules
Traveler rules is the standup single round Irish bare knuckle boxing you can see on You Tube, with no gloves.
LPR rules, with no gloves, permits clinching, hammer fisting, hitting in the clinch and throwing, with 30-second round breaks when someone takes a knee or goes down.
Ancient Hellenic rules are one submission round with wrapped hands, no kicking, clinching, biting or gouging allowed, with rules enforced by a referee armed with a stick who will beat us across the back until we stop breaking the rule being violated—this could be Charles…
Let me know, Bro.
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