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Calling Out the Black Jamaican Nazi
A Man Weekend, 2016 Challenge: What About that Amistad Duel, Oliver Wendell Hayes?
That is right, my fine fellow, as we plan to drive up to rural Pennsylvania in your Richard Roundtree-approved conversion van as I lean on my Petey Wheatstraw pimp cane on our way to fight with those Christian whiteboys on Saturday 21st of this May, I would like to suggest a duel with dull machetes, in which you come armed with the sugar cane machete in memory of pissed-off African imports-past and I wield against you a dull nine-inch shank in honor of the poor spic Captain who failed to keep your sweaty ancestors below decks!
What say you, O’Hayes, or does this white beard and prodigious ale vat just below my solar plexus give you womanly pause?
Say Yeah and whoop this old man or simply send your woman to White Avenue to tender your submission…
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