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This primer was originally constructed for the purpose of explaining to the indigenous Americans how far removed from reality they’d become; on account of a mandatory Western education and the direct imposition of Platonic-Cartesian philosophy having shaped their mentality in this modern day.

But now, it occurs to me it might be even more useful to pop the fantasy reality bubble of those people expecting they can adapt Native American spiritual practices to their Western lifestyle and somehow expect this is valid. Even if you have a bonafide Native American elder teaching you, chances are 99.999% you will simply have deceived yourself and it is how your mentality had been culturally shaped prior to encountering Native American ways, determines this.

Then, there is the problem of MOST Native Americans, even those (or especially those) who believe they can teach you, are dead wrong. If they are Western educated, they have a useless intellectual grasp of their own ways and if they are NOT Western educated, they will have no real grasp of how your mentality had been shaped in such a way as to make the bridge of understanding impossible.

Now, with that said, there is an ancient Native American rule of paradox allows for the possibility there are Western women will be able to fathom what Western men cannot; the ancient principles of matriarchy which, integrated to nature as a lived philosophy, allow for an evolutionary understanding of our existence.

And as for the Western males (includes most Native American males in this modern day) wishing to grasp these principles as a valid, lived, philosophical system, you’re just out of luck unless you can accept there are areas of knowledge will be denied to you and that is immutable law. The key here is MATRIARCHY and that word is supposed to denote something specific: A women’s rule of law based in female intelligence form with mere elements of the male (androgyny.)

Male hierarchy has no place in this system and that fact excludes Judeo-Christian monotheism. It also excludes Plato and everything based in ‘objectivity.’ No matter were you practicing anything else, the very fact you’d been shaped (as a man or in the case of some women ‘into’ a man) by the civilization based in male hierarchy determines; even if you can wrap your head around what follows with ‘intellectual grasp’ .. as a man you will never be a real part of it except as the women’s servant.

In the pages that follow, first a bit of history in cultural context and then, the principle lessons -

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