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Spectator Program Agon 2013
Wooden weapons marked with red tape represent blades.
Stick fights and double-stick fights are limited to one round, unless the fight is made by a spectator.
Duels with other weapons are sudden death [1 round], best of 3, or best of 5, at the discretion of the judge holding that weapon set.
‘Rounds’ are decided by a ‘clean’ ‘kill’ or ‘incapacitation’, or are refought.
Gladiatorial bouts ignore strikes to the arms and legs.
Combat between Damien and James will be no-holds-barred.
Combat involving other fighters is limited to weaponry, with all empty-hand tactics prohibited except for checking, clinching, tripping and sweeping.
All rounds are decided by fighter consensus. There are no referees and no scoring.
The fighters will challenge one another by seniority, from junior to senior.
Spectator Participation
When one round of challenges is complete a spectator may make a fight by donating 1 dollar per round, naming the fighters, and naming the weapon set.
Damien & James may be outfitted to fight sudden death gladiatorial bouts with steel weapons at the following rates:
1. Small shield $1
2. Net $1
3. Knife $1
4. Large shield $2
5. Machete $2
6. Chain or gauntlets $3
7. Quadrant $5
A spectator making a bout may have the weapons brought to them for inspection.
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