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Submision Combat Conditioning Set
Summer 2013
I do this at the end of a light sparring session, or as a superset on non-contact training days. In the later case I warm up with FMA counts, and warm down with floor exercises, ballistic stretches, and static stretches.
These drills are done in untimed ‘rounds’ at fight pace, not slowly, not moderately, but as if you are trying to finish an untimed fight. I sometimes do the bag work as a straight ‘burn’. However, the shadow stick and shadow boxing should always be done with some tactical sense, as if you could be hit.
Shadow stick
Single stick on the bag
Double shadow stick
Double stick on the bag
Shadow boxing
Slap boxing on the heavy bag*
Speed bag
*Note: I usually slap box and check the heavy bag as my hands are generally too bruised to punch with. Use this as an opportunity to work on your checking hand. Since I have been successfully checking my opponents’ and sparring partners’ weapon hand over the last year, my left middle finger has been continuously sprained. This is because that finger is longest [on men and transgender females] and often ends up making contact alone or first. I use this slap boxing drill to practice checking something uncooperative without that happening.
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