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‘On Pay Day’
This Could Be Your Boss!
“Old link is dead. Here's that Chinaman in Katanga. Zero fucks given:”
-U.K. Correspondent
I was waiting for that big-headed Negro to beat the shit out of this Chinaman.
No luck.
But still, what prick this guy must be to work for.
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PRAugust 21, 2016 4:48 PM UTC

In Africa, they say the difference between a tourist and a racist is about 2 weeks.
Sam J.August 21, 2016 4:09 AM UTC

I ran across this article a few days ago. It might be right. If not it's sure interesting and seems to fit the case.

A possible explanation for Black behavior.

“…common understanding among blacks of what morality is: not something internalized but something others enforce from the outside…”
Jeremy BenthamAugust 19, 2016 4:23 AM UTC

Funny! Here’s more on the Chinese point view for your reading enjoyment

“At the end of my course of study, every student was supposed to participate in a complex academic project with a real-world application. I was assigned to lead a group with two other members, a student from China and a student from Cameroon. The Chinese did not speak French very well. At first, I was afraid he would be confused by the difficulty of the language and the complexity of the project and give up. What actually happened surprised me very much. The African student quickly grasped the main issues of the project. But every time he ran into a difficulty, he complained, and worked on something else instead. I tutored him and gave him papers in which similar solutions were clearly outlined, but he was unwilling to read them because they were too long. It took the Chinese student a long time to figure out the problems, but instead of complaining or taking shortcuts, he concentrated and worked hard until the problems were solved. It was the African student who gave up, and the Chinese student who succeeded.”

“This story sounds like a fable for children but it set me thinking about the problem of Africa. I have come to believe that the chaos and lack of economic progress in Africa are the result of their lack of motivation when faced with complex problems. I also think they tend to be satisfied with little and therefore do not work very hard to get ahead. The French welfare system also makes them apathetic. They survive on a small income rather than strive for a better life.”

…“The West has promoted “democracy” and “universal values” in Africa, but the result has been military dictatorship, corruption, and violence. Western values are clearly not suited to Africa. Western values, without the absolute authority of white rulers, appear to destroy African societies.”
BAugust 19, 2016 4:09 AM UTC

That Chinese dude is the man.

Living in the Congo, negotiating with these morons for months. Fighting off tropical diseases and the heat. At least the Europeans had the option of kicking some ass if negotiations failed.

There are tens of thousands of Chinese guys like him in Africa.

And in the end, they will be successful.

Probably once the American empire collapses and there is a power vacuum (because all these 'independent' states are just sad vassals of the State Department and New York Times,) these guys will say, 'okay, party's over, independence is hereby revoked. Here's your new, democratically elected president, who is advised by a team of our governance experts.' And Africa will improve rapidly.

To blow your mind, try reading this description of the Congo back when the Belgians were there:,9171,866343,00.html

In case you don't feel like subscribing to Time (me neither), most of the text is here: