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Wisdom for Whitey from W.D. Fard
As Channeled by Ishmael from within Ron West’s Transcendental Wigwam

Received via text during my weekly grocery shopping foray on 1/19/16, with a note that this vision was induced by reading 'Were Egyptians Black?'

As Yakub, the Immensely Headed, receded beyond the inner horizon of consciousness, an angel arose before him and spake, pointing to the swirling abyss in its yawning, Yakubian Immensity, “View but briefly or risk insanity, for this be the process of all creation.”


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IshmaelAugust 20, 2016 10:42 PM UTC

James, after back to the wigwam, dare I broach the subject of spiritual eyes vs mortal eyes, y,all ask your self this, dreams, color or black and white, remember physics, state that color is only in the mind, it is a illusion of differnt wavelengths. Reality is an illusion, what we see, is what we get. Perception

intuition, imagination, come before proof, maybe just maybe we can't detect it, yet.