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‘Bitches and Faggots’
The Mescaline Feed Locates a Long Lost Ghetto Grocer Employee
“My God, they look like they live in an armory! Those are the same fences we saw at the Marine reserve depot.”
“The chick in the video below is brassy as hell—I like how she starts getting on the men, calling them bitches and faggots!”
-Mescaline Franklin
Mescaline, the first item above has become so commonplace I wonder if perhaps U.S. war vets are being targeted by Government hate bots programmed to kill witnesses to evidence that the United States has actually employed soldiers to shoot at non-whites.
Okay, Bro, thanks for finally helping me locate Urethea, who was a pretty good seafood clerk until she started screaming to a cringing gentle giant who had criticized the length of time it took her to steam his shrimp, “Well you big baby bitch, you can suck my dick!” came the scream heard round the store—Ghetto Grocer to the customer rescue, with ill-fitting tie, bent glasses and clipboard of disciplinary forms....
I took Yereatha into the meat room [behind the seafood counter] in order to inform her that she had been politically incorrect, and immediately became concerned that she might have been anatomically correct in her outburst and kept my distance as she gushed tears of anger, paced, pirouetted while biting her lips angrily, wrung her hands and reached out to me for an understanding white daddy hug as I scanned the room for knives and thankfully found none laying about. In submitting to the hug, under the condition that I got the over-hook position and she took the pummel position, I was relieved to have felt no prodding bulge [hopefully indicating that she was bluffing] and that her breastessez were not phony or of the bitch-tit variety, but actual female—if undersized for her ethnicity—organs. I managed to get her calmed down enough to relieve the deli clerk who had stepped into the breach and made certain to hover around the counter merchandizing breading and spices in case another negro criticized her steaming time.
Unfortunately, Yereatha failed to return to work the next day and I never saw her again. So thank you, Mescaline, for sending evidence that she seems to be gainfully employed somewhere in Urban America and has lost none of her infamous pluck.
Thriving in Bad Places
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