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'Offline and On the Move'
Ron West’s Poetic Parthian Shot

Hi James… popped in to check my email and had a quick look at your site. Glad to see Napi Mephisto ruffling the feathers of the usual suspects. [People] who believe humans can’t destroy the planet should look into what a CERN nuclear safety officer had to say when he sued about eight years ago (concerning creating black holes & stranglets or strange matter.) Meanwhile, I’ve (for years but very infrequently) dabbled with poetry, here’s a small sample:

Out the door, offline and on the move again in a few minutes but as always, thank you

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IshmaelSeptember 1, 2016 2:36 PM UTC

Ron, Nice poems, seems like my realm of the dark side, were you pissed or just neutral, when you penned them? I read this type of poetry some days for strength, melancholy, can be a virtue when inverted. I work in Enviromental Science, self taught, trying to push my grandson into this field. I wish people could see my world, they might change their minds, Me and my coworkers, have been responsible for refits to botched engineering, of course they kept the royalties, not wise to give hillbillys too much folding cash.