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Prairie Butter
The Ghetto Gourmet Meets Two Gulch Gourmets

I have been treated to a predominantly paleo diet by my hosts and guides, eating dove, bear, elk, salmon, liver and—bone marrow.

Shayne baked 20 three-inch beef femur bones until the contents sizzled.

Ishmael cleaned out the hollow bones with knife into a 24 ounce bowl.

I mixed in the following:

1 tablespoon of tabasco flavored sea salt

1 table spoon of basil

1 table spoon of sage

2 table spoons of garlic powder

1 half ounce serving contains 125 calories—a teaspoon of jet fuel.

Health benefits include hormones that may stave off diabetes

Minerals and vitamins include:

-Vitamin A in its purest form







-Cholesterol free

-Best extracted from the bones grass fed animals

This is the best butter I ever had, hardening to a speckled white paste that scrapes off thinly. It took me three scrubbings with dish liquid to clean the residue off the utensils, so I am considering drinking some dish liquid to clean the arteries out. I am shocked that something I had a hand in is so good. These men have worked various outdoors jobs, involving hunting, lumbering, herding and farming that burned up to 10,000 calories per day, partially due to the cold conditions. They assure me that bone marrow was an important part of the free-trapper and Indian diet in the old west.

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