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‘The LT-1000?’
Hunter and Gatherer Pick: Five Botswanan Lionesses Grow Manes, Start Acting Like Males — NOVA Next | PBS

“LT 1000?”


To determine if the Lionesses of Botswana are taking on characteristics of African American women, designated by Naturalist Jacques Negro [Tommy Sotomayor] as BT-1000, or the Black Terminatrix, available in various models.

1. Check and see if there are any hair-braiding shops in the area that cater to felines?

2. Are the adolescent male lions selling drugs under the acacia tree?

3. Are the dominant male lions raping female leopards [Asian chicks] or dating white hippos?

4. Are the lionesses beating up and roaring at the cubs?

5. Are the cubs roaming around attacking Meerkats?

6. Does the pride watch YouTube?

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