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How Many Baltimoreans Would Steal from a Children’s Cancer Donation Panel?
Avery is a bald, leukemia survivor, pictured with a golden Labrador retriever, smiling for the camera like a bald goddess of innocence. Her picture is on a standup cardboard donation tray, with 38 slots for quarters on it. The tray has been on the courtesy counter of a grocery store in Baltimore County for two weeks. Most of the quarters have been taped into the board to prevent theft.
34 of the slots are filled with quarters.
18 of the slots have been torn as the quarters have been removed at least once.
The tape has been peeled from five slots.
As many as 18 customers have stolen from this donation board, actually a fair estimate considering that the board should fill up in a day or two in a 500K a week outfit.
Sweat Meteor of Death—strike this savage city!
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