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Give Me Yo F..... Money!
Straight-up in The Hood

I don’t carry a gun. I have guns, but they stay in the house. I carry a knife, but will only use it if I’m outnumbered and in trouble. I came up believin’ in standin’ square and throwin’ down. It’s not like that anymore—just people takin’. It pretty much started back with the Stickup Boys, goin’ from neighborhood to neighborhood, stick people up, and go back to their neighborhood.

I guess I was eighteen, nineteen, [1990s]. We were sitting in the yard, drinkin’ Jack, drinkin’ it straight, my buddy, me, my girl, and his girl. It was about twelve-thirty or one at night, summertime. It was a short yard, grass, with a half a chain-link fence and no gate, down in Saint Helena.

This black dude, about our age, comes walkin’ in the yard with a gun [demonstrates noir rapper horizontal hold]—a nine-millimeter automatic. I don’t think it was his first time. He was pretty cool. We opened the door and put the girls inside and then he’s pressing the muzzle up against my buddy’s head and says, “Give me yo fuckin’ money!”

It was real scary. He took my buddy’s money and then pressed it [the gun] to my chest and I gave him my money. He got like six from me and ten from my buddy, sixteen bucks. Shit, if he’d a just asked I’d a probably given it to him. It was real fuckin’ scary. Then he just took off and ran—gun still in hand. We never saw him before or after—we went out lookin’ the next day. He must have been a Stickup Boy.

The cops! [laughter]. That’s just something that I never consider doin’. I came up in the ‘not snitchin’ era’. You took care of your own business. You don’t get the police involved. I took it as a kind of karma thing—still do in fact. The week before these [other] guys were trying to sell on our block and we shot at them. To this day I believe it was karma.


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bayoucoyoteOctober 12, 2017 5:22 PM UTC

Good afternoon JL,

I'd say that's a strong Inf Co of 5th columnist that have no intention of withdrawing from MD w/o a fight.

"Jenkins says there are 67 gangs with 700 members operating in his county alone."

+ Who said they don't have a knack for terra firma work?

Audi 5000,

Tony RoosterOctober 11, 2017 1:57 PM UTC

I never get those people who think the cops are gonna solve their problems for 'em. I'm with you man, calling the cops is against my religion. It only creates more problems. Good story man.