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‘Suffering from Confirmation Bias’
‘Sweet Tears of the Left!’: Ishmael’s Happy Birthday
“Sweet tears of the Left! they are so much more satisfying than conservative tears! Of course I'm not allowed to vote due to my history as an unlicensed pharmacist. But now, if Trump repeals the Affordable Care Act, I might be able to get a fulltime job. Nobody wants to hire you for more than twenty-nine hours under this health care system. I'm starving and paying a penalty not to have health care because my non-aggression principals preclude it. All of my coworkers are black liberals. They're crying Armageddon, so I told them it was their turn to have the gun of the State pointed at them. 'How's that feel, bro!'”
-Columbine Joe, Christian Anarcho-Capitalist
“In Salt Lake City all day. Having no dog in this fight, I loved to watch the celebration, and the crying, Blondie said the accountant, liberal Hillary wench, broke down and cried, she should be banished off the island. One of the managers was so depressed I thought he might hang himself. He texted me and I told him he was "suffering from confirmation bias—put your big boy pants on!"
Jeremy must read Scott Adams blog too. Blondie thinks I am going to be fired, I said, “Really, after fat bastard has sat on his ass all those years, I don't think so!”
What a great day. I turned 60 today, didn't give a rats behind either way, ate breakfast with my boys, read, had a shot of ouzo with Dante, got a wet kiss from the 50 year old waitress at the cafe, I'm ready to die now!
Jake said this morning at the coffee shack, the two lesbos that run the joint were hugging and crying, they acted like they were going to be murdered now, oh my!
-Your friend, Ishmael, 11/10/16
When Your Job Sucks
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the world is our widow
by this axe!
the lesser angels of our nature
by the wine dark sea
winter of a fighting life
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Jeremy BenthamNovember 10, 2016 1:12 PM UTC

P.S. Happy Birthday Ishmael!
Jeremy BenthamNovember 10, 2016 1:06 PM UTC

Rejoice! We really dodged the bullet this time. And not just metaphorically speaking either. The fact that the Liberals are all acting now like they fear being murdered just because Trump was elected should tell you what THEY had planned for the rest of us had Hillary prevailed. Don't kid yourself about that! Like the French say, the man who is always looking under his wife's bed has usually been in a similar position himself. The Lefties are not going to give up working to destroy us either, in ways both big and small. The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.

For now, celebrate our hard earned victory! Rejoice! (Victory - Kool & The Gang)
MescfranklinNovember 10, 2016 12:28 PM UTC

I have been enjoying the lamentation of the women and the men who are women immensely these last two days...