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Addendum to Special Forces versus Spetsnaz
What Russian Youths Do While Ours Are Indoctrinated to Apologize, Appease and Submit

Thank you, Samuel Finlay for this instructive link. If you gave me an hour or two I might be able to put that thing together.

Why do the Neo-Cons want to go to war with these people again?

Is it because they have all the good Caucasian pussy?

Meanwhile, in Russia . . .

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WellRead EdNovember 23, 2016 12:20 AM UTC

When I served in the US Army (in the late Jurassic Period), the USSR was the big boogie man. Spetsnaz were the Russian supermen that we were told would be coming to kill us in our bunks. One of the reports I read indicated that they were obsessed with unarmed combat, and that they were often supplied with inmates from the Gulags to practice on. Whether that was true, or just propaganda to keep us on our toes, I don't know.

Our military never saw the value of unarmed combat until the early 21st century. Now they're taught MMA-based techniques that have served to build confidence. Are our troops ready to go into a death match? I hope we never find out.
guestNovember 22, 2016 11:13 AM UTC

More from mother Russia:

No soldier should be afraid of blood

"It used to be thought that a soldier could be accustomed to the sight of blood gradually — first a little blood and then more day by day. But experts have thrown out this view. The spetsnaz soldier’s first encounter with blood should be, they argue, quite unexpected and in copious quantities. In the course of his career as a fighting man there will be a whole lot of monstrous things which will spring up in front of him without any warning at all. So he should get used to being unsurprised at anything and afraid of nothing.

A group of young spetsnaz soldiers are hauled out of bed at night because of an emergency, and sent in pursuit of a ‘spy’. The worse the weather the better. Best of all when there is torrential rain, a gusty wind, mud and slush. Many kilometres of obstacles — broken-down stairs, holes in walls, ropes across holes and ditches. The platoon of young soldiers are completely out of breath, their hearts beating fast. Their feet slip, their hands are scratched and bruised. Forward! Everyone is bad-tempered — the officers and especially the men. The soldier can give vent to his anger only by punching some weaker fellow-sufferer in the face and maybe getting a kick in the ribs in reply. The area is dotted with ruined houses, everything is smashed, ripped apart, and there’s broken glass everywhere. Everything is wet and slippery, and there are never-ending obstacles with searchlights trained on them. But they don’t help: they only hinder, blinding the men as they scramble over.

Now they come to a dark cellar, with the doors ripped off the hinges. Everybody down. Along the corridor. Then there’s water ahead. The whole group running at full tilt without slowing down rushes straight into some sticky liquid. A blinding light flashes on. It’s not water they are in — it’s blood. Blood up to the knees, the waist, the chest. On the walls and the ceiling are chunks of rotten flesh, piles of bleeding entrails. The steps are slippery from slimy bits of brain. Undecided, the young soldiers jam the corridor.

Then somebody in the darkness lets a huge dog off its chain. There is only one way out — through the blood. Only forwards, where there is a wide passageway and a staircase upwards. Where on earth could they get so much blood? From the slaughter-house, of course. It is not so difficult to make the tank of blood. It can be narrow and not very deep, but it must be twisting and there must be a very low ceiling over it. The building in which the tank of blood is arranged can be quite small, but piles of rotten boards, beams and concrete slabs must be tipped into it. Even in very limited space it is possible to create the impression that you are in an endless labyrinth overflowing with blood. The most important thing is to have plenty of twists and turns, holes, gaps, dead ends and doors.


And there’s something else: the tank of blood must not be the final obstacle that night. The greatest mistake is to drive the men through the tank and then bring the exercise to an end, leaving them to clean themselves up and go to bed. In that case the blood will only appear to them as a terrible dream. Keep driving them on over more and more obstacles."

Spetsnaz eat navy seals for breakfast!
GerardNovember 22, 2016 8:58 AM UTC

I feel like I have more in common with Russians than I do with most of my so called fellow Americans. Did you happen to see the degenerate American Music Awards the other day. #not my American music awards.
responds:November 22, 2016 1:23 PM UTC

I have been unlucky enough to be present when my female relations watch such things. Gladly, I missed this.
Sam J.November 22, 2016 1:15 AM UTC

Notice they only started taking the magazine out first (proper way) about half way through.
WellRead EdNovember 22, 2016 12:32 AM UTC

The AK-74 is a simple, easy to maintain, weapon that is intended to be abused by uneducated peasants in various dirty little wars. That said, these kids are learning this skill because the Russians know, up close and personal, what it's like to be invaded by a well-trained, motivated, professional military that hates them. Russians are hardier and harder people. When Hildebeast made noises about going to war with them, she obviously had no idea what she was talking about. Sending today's American snowflakes against an army that has trained since adolescence how to do things like the above? Technology can take you only so far, and then it becomes the guys wallowing in the mud, blood, and bullshit that decide the battle. While Russian high school kids learn the care and feeding of an assault rifle, our COLLEGE kids get Play-Doh and coloring books to help them through the trauma of someone saying mean things to them.
responds:November 22, 2016 1:25 PM UTC

This struck a nerve with a few of us it seems.


Yes, I love that.
LynnNovember 21, 2016 9:06 PM UTC

Here is how they toughen up Siberian children.