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Thanksgiving with Boomy and Uber Joe
Speaking with two End Time Transporters in the Wee Hours of a Holiday Under Assault
3:30, Thanksgiving morning, I was pushing a U-boat down the meat aisle when Boomy, Nigerian, Christian, hero cab driver who rescued “the blonde woman of the yuppies” from packs of Dindu plunderers during the Purge of April 2015, extended his hand to me and spoke as we clasped hands, “Good morning, Sir. And it is a good morning for thanks. I told you that Trump would win and he has. Things must not be too good, eh? You have fifty people waiting outside the door all night for a free pumpkin pie and a twenty-five dollar gift certificate—and they are poor and white aren’t they. I am glad to be a citizen—did it the right way, put in my time, my work, filled out all the papers. Why should I want illegal men tarnishing my name? And what is the matter with those whites who hate Trump? Why do they want America to be like the rest of the world? I tell you what, that’s not why I came here. I came here because America was different. Happy Thanksgiving, Sir. I am so glad you continue to survive the uprising!”
Later that morning at 6:00 a.m., the 100 poorest people in the neighborhood were lined up at the front door for their Thanksgiving gift from one of the Baltimore Area’s last neighborhood grocers. A local news caster, Ron Matz, greeted the costumers and I noticed that there is not a foodstamper in the bunch. The few African Americans are those we normally see buying their lunch early in the morning on their way to work. There are a lot of missing teeth, the unseen face of “privilege” in Eastern Baltimore County.
Two hours later Uber Joe shows up to give me my lift out to Harford County and he fills me in on the latest:
“Business is down in Baltimore. With that driver from Mozambique, who was driving under his brother’s name, repeatedly raping that drunk woman in the motel, and the cabbies stomping the other guy, people have been avoiding Uber. The Transportation Authority is pressuring Uber to have us fingerprinted and bonded. I have no problem with getting fingerprinted. I have nothing to hide. I’m a veteran. Uber held a meeting for area drivers, downtown. I was one of the few that was willing to be fingerprinted. Uber is against it. Most of the drivers are against it. There were 300 drivers at the meeting and 70-percent were foreigners, a lot of them undocumented, driving with other people’s information. I’m trying to preserve the health of my car so only drive enough to pay my bills, which is fifty-dollars a day. When I hit fifty, I head home.”
When Your Job Sucks
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Sam J.November 25, 2016 6:57 PM UTC

If we could get rid of all the aliens, and I believe there are 30 million minimum and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if it were 40 million of them, the citizens could all find work at a decent wage. The aliens leaving would cut down on some bulk food and stuff like that but higher wages would make up for it. A lot of bulk stuff doesn't take as much labor anyways as it's moved with machines. (Including our machine James :)

That being said I'm now of the belief that Trump is going to screw us and the Jews have won again. What will come of this? I don't know but I and a lot of others are steaming mad as hell about it. My guess is Trump throws out 2 or 3 million with Jew press braying like stuck donkeys pretending it's the end of the world and leaves the rest of the 39 million with green cards.

My question is when do the POC start blaming White people for stealing all the diversity on the planet and just how are we to be punished for doing so?