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Beaver Reaver
News Updates on Our Favorite Mataphoric Mammal from Ishmael

Discovery of fragile film from 1950s shows Idaho’s parachuting beavers deploying in the backcountry

River of no return, ha, ha, no return!

Silver Beaver Award - Wikipedia

Beaver hunters! Should we sign on!

I haven't laughed that hard since my poor mother wondering why eating a Beaver bumper sticker, was good for the environment.

Save a tree, eat a beaver!


Real story!

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Sam J.December 5, 2016 3:54 PM UTC

Evolution is supposed to have the answer but nature makes you wonder sometimes. How did an animal get the instinct to cut down trees, build a dam and put a hut in the lake? Where's the the dam building-hut building gene? Wouldn't it have been easier to learn to climb trees and build a hut there?