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Jesse James versus Al Capone
The Deadliest Warrior: Episode 2-3

This episode was just fun.

I liked then science-fiction premise of the gunfight.

I disagreed with the tactical deduction of the testers on the knife comparison as they had the stiletto taking the Bowie knife, which is the best knife-to-knife blade there is. But their simulator must have had close-range distance features, because the simulation came out with the Bowie out-killing the stiletto six-to-one, which is about right. I used to throw that exact model of Bowie used in the film, still own it and keep it in my bed. That knife has done the following things in my hand:

-Cut down numerous trees between 4 and 12 inches thick

-Cut a whole fresh ham in half along the shank with one cleave

-Cut a five pound frozen chuck roast in half with one cleave

-Once, when throwing at a tree, I failed to nail the point in, the Bowie hitting at half rotation. The bottom finger of the brass hand guard imbedded in the tree

-When throwing, this knife was so heavy [I threw it from the hilt not the point] that the belly of the blade often sunk in an inch when striking at half revolution.

-When throwing from a distance and hitting with the butt of the hilt, I knocked a ¾ inch dent into a pine tree.

The brass knuckles test was instructive. The twerp Capone expert without the brass knuckles threw a right hook that took him off balance and scored only about 40 PSI. With the knuckles on he hit at 80 PSI.

The average jab of a welterweight amateur boxer is 80 PSI.

The Jesse James experts showed excellent skills, which more than made up for the goonish application of industrial technology in the hands of later day urban criminals.

In this case, the skill disparity is realistic. Modern urban criminals have never been experts with their weaponry, usually faring poorly against police when matched up, where range outlaws of the James Gang era essentially had military skills.

The Punishing Art

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Bruno DiasDecember 13, 2016 2:16 PM UTC

I've listen to a podcast once where the host defended the point that the Gunslingng skills of the American "cowboys" wa itself and martial art.
responds:December 14, 2016 2:34 PM UTC

As a guy who can't hit a pie plate from three paces with a nine mm auto, I concur.