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Griselda Blanco’s Baby?
Somali Pirates versus Medellin Cartel: The Deadliest Warrior 2-7

The scum of Africa against the scion of “the baddest bitch who ever drew the breath of life?”

This is the true scumbag, freak show episode, with genius-level 85-point IQ Somali-Americans versus the spawn of the Cocaine Cowboy bitch of spades. What a disturbing batch of murderous twerps. The fact that the Medellin Cartel, if it were a nation, would have been the 53rd most prosperous of nearly 200, based largely on idiot Americans torching their brains to forget how meaningless their lives are, is highly instructive in terms of the nature of the human beast.

The Somali U.S. army veteran and the witness –protection risk with no hair seems like an interesting pair. But the spawn of Griselda, what does a genetic package like that do with himself, play poker with paintball guns?

I remember my brother telling me what a pain in the ass his M-60 was in the 1980s. Seeing this thing jam twice gave me a better idea of what he was talking about. The AK-47, as usual performed very well in capable hands, with the U.S.-trained Somali expert looking very good on one of their more interesting shooting tests.

The two second string guys on either side just wielded the close combat weapons. Griselda’s son needed two hands for that beautiful machete—one of the nicest machete’s I’ve ever seen. A fit, trained man could quarter a man with one hand with such a machete. When considering uprising of slaves from antiquity until the 1850s, this machete should be kept in mind.

In this episode Max and the Doctor have gotten to the point in the testing and evaluation process that both have become firmly opinionated, which adds to the texture of the evaluation.

This is a battle I would like to see, particularly if both sides sustained 100% casualties.

Thriving in Bad Places

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