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KGB versus CIA
The Deadliest Warrior 2-9

Getting into intelligence agencies gives the staff a chance to test smaller weapons, making this “James Bond” episode perhaps more relevant to the urban survival buff than most of the series episodes.

The machine pistols dominated and the garrote only had one kill out of 1,000 simulations, which, in my view, is an indication that the ranging parameters in the simulation program are realistic, and have high requirements for the implementation of highly specialized weapons.

The exploding cigar versus the drop spike was instructive as to the taste of evil favored by each agency. I must posit that based on the high level of postwar brainwashing by the media in the U.S., that the CIA method of low profile murder may have gone some way toward convincing the sheeple of America that their evil overlords are a force for good in the world.

I would be thrilled with a simulation in which both of these goon squads were defeated.

Under the God of Things

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