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What Happened to the Vikings?
They Raped a Bunch of Slavic Babes and Founded Russia, the Khan on Multiculturalism Done Well

Okay, we have a pending mob battle royal between half naked Nords in the Snow and a Bunch of Middle Eastern faggots in sweaters.

No fair taking bets on this one. However, the Khan does wonder, is this what it was like for Longhair Custer, The Son of the Morning Star, Old Iron Backsides, when he suddenly discovered that the Great Spirit had added a zero to the projected number of squaws he was supposed to murder that day—and on top of that turned all the squaws into warriors?

That is what sissies would call a rhetorical question. In the Khan’s Barrow of Heroes we call it a jest.

Posthumously, the Khan wonders what Baybars would say about such an invasion of infidel lands. Ought not one bring sabers and ponies and outnumber the Christian dogs at the point of contact at least?

“But, but, oh Mighty Khan, does this not look like the Pittsburg Steelers versus the Canadian Kennel Club?”

Kennel—is this correct? Do you mean to say, that in this sissy age, kings still keep kennels, so that the hounds may be unleashed upon the low! Can it be so?

“Well, it’s not exactly Hernan de Soto’s Kennel—let me get back to you on that…”

“As you see, anytime my unsavory conscience, which you moderns seem to have invented to afflict me, intrudes upon my channeling of the Khan, these quibbling thoughts shall be presented in quotation marks.”

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UlricKerenskyJanuary 2, 2017 11:39 AM UTC

Was this some sort of arranged show fight?
responds:January 2, 2017 3:07 PM UTC

This looks like a semi-sporting team fight with referees. You have some older men walking out and telling some of the psychos to stop elbowing and stomping the downed, though this seems more or less advisory, not backed with much moral authority.

The size advantage was ridiculous. the Russians were so big you couldn't even see the Muslims.
PRJanuary 1, 2017 5:45 PM UTC

I'm loving how a lot of the Russians showed up with bag gloves or 4 oz MMA gloves. Punching someone with cold hands hurts!
ShepJanuary 1, 2017 4:54 PM UTC

O great Khan—these videos are truly wondrous to behold!