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Valkyrie versus Orks
A Fitting Bride for the Khan

This fine battle wench makes short work of these sniveling orks, even taking one captive so that his heart might by lain smoking upon Ymir’s board!

Note the two other wenches—mere highschoolers—who show up and seem to be wondering if they too should be slaughtering orks?

Yes, as tough Englishmen cry in their beer as Paki’s drag their 11-year-old daughters off to rape class, in the land of the North Wind wenches are enough to combat the mud races as they slither up from the bowels of the dark lands.

The Khan approves of this message.

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Sam J.January 1, 2017 11:31 PM UTC

Those are some super whimpy Dindus. In almost every case Women are much weaker than Men. That two of them couldn't get away from a Women astounds me.

And for once and maybe once only I will agree with B, as I'm a Zionist, they should chunk those Africans out.
BJanuary 1, 2017 6:02 AM UTC

Yeah, we had a problem with East Africans some time ago. They're not quite Syrians or Afghans. Pretty good at stealing, raping and looting, but not good at fighting:

I intentionally used the faggiest and most traitorous sources I could find.