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Polish Racists
Attack Innocent, Unarmed, African Molesters [Companions] of Polish Women

Look, I like Polish chicks as much as the next brutha, but Poland is not Maryland. In Poland you cannot simply take things from women and threaten to molest them like you do in an American shopping mall. Use some decorum and go to a swingers club where the sissy white men will gladly watch you molest their irritating wives.

By warned, if paleface men in America begin beating the piss out of the local blacks, the liberal elite will rise up in defense of their pets and declare violence between white and black men to always favor whites and only issue concealed carry permits to black men, even using MMA footage to make their case in public service announcement.

Not withstanding the dark spot awaiting in our coming night—the Khan approves this video as a training film for Irish wakes among other hallowed venues.

What makes this film really cool, after viewing it a few times is the discovery that numerous Polish women were throwing themselves at the feet of the African Kangs, even bringing them beer and verbally supporting them in their disastrous phyical confrontation with the rabid Polacks.

This is unjust!

The Khan doubly approves of this video.

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Sam J.January 1, 2017 10:58 PM UTC

Yes I know the guy in the first video is probably a Jew.
Sam J.January 1, 2017 10:40 PM UTC

Yikes. Not very politically correct but funny.