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‘You Are Our Guests’
The Khan on Multicultural Exchange

Who is this sissy making sounds while recording pictures? He should be binding the children and impregnating the women, not commenting like some thrice-damned Greek!

Granted, this is a nice throw. But the fellow he is throwing ahs few brains and—more importantly—cannot hold his drink. Since when have you accepted these dark ones as opponents?

They are mere vermin—the one can speak, that is interesting. I actually lost two entire fleets trying to invade Nippon just because I heard that they had talking bearded monkeys. If I had known monkeys were so easily come by, and so big, even approaching human intelligence to the point where they could act as class mascots, then I might have spared that forest from death.

Speaking of which, this has been all about “where is the khan,” “where am I,” “what would the Khan do.” Well summoner, if I had one of you, I might have sent to Baybars to make a present of me of some of these babbling sots and avoided two wars, on of which cost me all the trees in Canton!

“Ah, here, let me get you another beer!”

Wait, when this slave begs for death wand calls his master a whore, why does he not kill him?

Are you people sick?

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ShepJanuary 1, 2017 4:00 PM UTC

@ 2:55 - Osoto-gari...always a crowd-pleaser!