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‘Is that Not an Ass-Whoopin’?’
Doctor Common Sense: The Khan Weighs in on Violent Immigrants

Summoner, if I may be so bold—well of course I am so bold—I would like to replace you with Doctor Common Sense. He seems as if he would make an excellent horse groom. A jolly fellow in a scrap I bet—not second guessing himself nor his Khan!

The incident does bring me to a realization that cart driving had become quite a nasty business. We just used the fellows to haul our slave girls about but it seems that you fools beyond the veil of years employ them to conduct slave caravans without guards. No wonder the bearded swordsman is required to instruct them.

How do you people even conduct a war with such negligent maintenance of your supply line and slave train. Surely a Chinese engineer could be tortured to divulge the secret of designing a secure slave transport. Let me guess, the last time you fools conquered a nation your supply lines were ravaged by partisans. Am I right?

Yes, assign Mister Common Sense to manage my stable of fighting cocks. If he does well there he shall be permtted to handle the prize-fighters.

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