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Russian Truckers
Versus Highway Bandits

The back story on this video is the trucker’s whose dash camera is running was trying to change a flat when a car load of three thugs informed him that he would have to pay them money to be permitted to change the tire in their territory. The trucker then got into his cab as the bandit leader walked off and called in help.

It must be a bitch to try and muscle in on someone in a country where it seems everybody can fight—and wants to.

Note that as the stomping on the large bandit gets to the terminal phase the over eager stomper is stopped by his partners, who know that this crime was not punishable by death. There is an inherently decent aspect to this, a sense of measure.

The Khan doubtless holds a diametrically opposed view on the treatment shown the bandits. Indeed his empire was so free of bandits it was said a virgin could ride naked with a sack of gold across its length and breadth without being molested—of course they left the Khan off the list of attackers…who happens to be passed out drunk as I write.

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