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Wake the Khan!
The Restive Soul of the Khan on Law Enforcement at the Point of the—

“Khan, Khan, what do you think of this? What should happen to this state cop for abusing his authority?”

Is that empty?

"No, that’s half full, the last of the Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA—well, it was half full…"

Can you un blur the image of her face?


You faggot, how else can I tell if it was what she wanted? Since your sissy kind has seen fit to blur the image of this wench’s face, I must side with Uther, father of Arthur, who did remain armed while fathering your conflicted hero…

“That’s it? You woke up just long enough to finish my last beer and you’re already asleep!”

“The khan’s favorite video clip of Uther Pendragon raping Igraine in full armor was not available, but her salacious dance that brought on the act is below.”

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LynnJanuary 4, 2017 3:44 PM GMT+4

The way her left foot is hooked behind his right knee looks...affectionate.
Jeremy BenthamJanuary 1, 2017 10:49 PM GMT+4

LOL! Yes it is to laugh, oh mighty and illustrious Khan. We trust you are amused? Incidentally there have been numerous reports over the past two decades indicating that the two most common reasons for police officers to be fired is for having sex on the job and looking at kiddie porn on official computers. I guess all that busting of heads and laying hands on people must fill the less disciplined among them with unnatural and irresistible lust. (Report: 1,000 police have lost their badges for sexual misconduct. Reality: The problem's much bigger than that.)

“The Associated Press has published a huge investigation into sexual misconduct by police officers, revealing that from 2008 to 2014, 1,000 officers across the country were stripped of their badges (and with them, their certification to work as police in the state) for sex-related misconduct. More than half of the officers — 550 — lost their certification due to sexual assault; another 440 were decertified for other sexual misconduct, which ranged from possessing child pornography or sexting with underage civilians to having (consensual) sex on the job.”

“What's more alarming is that there's no way the AP investigation uncovered all — or even most — of the sexual misconduct that police officers engaged in over that period. There are a lot of steps between an officer engaging in misconduct and the officer losing his state certification. Every step presents an opportunity for fellow officers, the police department, prosecutors, or the certification board itself to protect an officer before he's forced to turn in his badge.”

Rookie cops are most often fired during their field training period for: inadequate report writing skills, poor decision-making skills, lack of understanding of use of force rules and concepts. Poor report writing really impacts on the disposition of many criminal cases these days. A DA can’t figure what to do with case if the police report is so poorly written and confusing that he can’t make sense of what happened.

And oh yes, "Excalibur", great show!