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Punch Buggy & Paladin Press
Books Sales: 2016

The following excludes e-books from, Kindle books and print books from Nerd Church, Dark-Eyed Girl, Hun House and Paladin Press.

Roughly, Punch Buggy Books represent most of my current titles and sells more than the other 5 publishers combined, with Kindle being #2, Dark-Eyed Girl #3, Paladin Press #4*, Site E-books #5 and Hun House #6

The 30 or so other books in print are published by my editor, agent and cover designer to cover their expenses.


Book Amazon Europe - EUR 8

Book Amazon Europe - GBP 23

Book Amazon 246

Book Expanded Distribution 39


40,000 Years from Home 1

A Hoodrat Halloween 1

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016 5

A Sickness of the Heart: Part One 1

A Thousand Years in His Soul... 2

A Thousand Years in His Soul... 3

A Well of Heroes: One 6

Alienation Nation 7

America in Chains 7

American Fist 8

At The End of Masculine Time 5

Beyond The Ember Star 1

Big Water Blood Song 1

Breeder's Digest 1

Dark Art of an Aryan Mystic 15

Don't Get Boned 9

DoomFawn 1

Habitat Hoodrat: Ho-Nation 1

He 1

How the Ghetto Got My Soul 1

In The Chinks of The Machine 1

Into the Mountains of Madness: Part 1 2

Into the Mountains of Madness: Part 2 3

Into the Mountains of Madness: Part 3 2

Into Wicked Company 2

Let the Weak Fall 7

Little Feet Going Nowhere 1

Narco Night Train 2

Night City 2

On Bitches 4

One Soul Under God 1

Paleface Sunset 10

Panhandler Nation 1

Poet 2

Reverent Chandler 2

Shorn of Little Sissy Things 7

Stillbirth of a Nation 6

The Boned Zone 2

The Ghetto Grocer 1

The Greatest Boxer 10

The Punishing Art 46

Thriving in Bad Places 57

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields 37

Under The God of Things 1

Waking Up in Indian Country 4

War Drums 2

When Your Job Sucks 2

When You're Food 14

Your Trojan Whorse 8

• Paladin Press Sales: 50

• The Fighting Edge: 18

• The Logic of Steel: 32

• The Logic of Force: [Not Available]

Total: books sold for 2016 appear to be just under 500.

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SeanJanuary 1, 2017 7:52 AM UTC

Congrats! I would assume ebook sales are much higher?
responds:January 1, 2017 12:18 PM UTC

Kindle books are hard to track as they are circulated in different ways by amazon. Kindle books are running at about half the sales of the print books. Interestingly, although some titles like Taboo You and When You're Food in e-book, and Still Birth of a Nation and America in Chains in Kindle have similar sales in print and e-format, fiction is basically just an e-book market for me, with another category, short non-fiction, like A Sickness of the Heart and The Streets Have Eyes, also doing much better in e-format than print.

This is really great news as it rounds out the sales rather then just dicing them up.

Thanks for your support, Sean.

It seems that most folks who are inclined toward short histories and fiction by this author only buy on kindle.