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The Principal
Pompositee Succubus: Napi Mephisto by Ronald Thomas West

Pompositee Succubus lives imprismed in her mirror image of ego. A living malignant narcissism, her pride she sees in herself is the grand little school she administers in a mountain ‘bedroom’ community for the millionaires who have founded the institution to avoid putting the children of ‘the good families’ into the run down drug and crime infested public high school in the city below the mountains.

This republican illuminati of the community has counted its many blessings in having found Pompositee Succubus, who only sees herself in her accomplishments, to shepherd the children of their multiple award winning educational institution through the severe social and mental constraints of ‘No Child Left Behind.”

Pompositee’s school has one non-White Hispanic, one Jew, a Buddhist exchange student, one half Black that is culturally White, one Gay, one Lesbian, no Muslims, no Native Americans and a large balance of White Christian students. The few surviving students from the White secular families either keep a low profile or seem to be quickly expelled. The larger surrounding community is a mixed demographic to which the school itself is completely out of proportion to, with people of color absent nearly altogether from not only the student body, but also staff, with one part time Black. This basketball coach without a teaching position, suffers the Chimpanzee pant hoots and baboon barks of his team from a wealthy White racist community as they wait for him on the bus he does not want to board. It is essentially a state chartered White segregated Christian school under cover of diversity or, one could say, a living, functioning civil rights violation

Pompositee, a brutal woman and Christian fascist, is a male psychological hermaphrodite knowing no compassion. Her cruelty and personality at times would approach the ridiculous extreme of Bugs Bunny in drag, were it not for the extreme reality of her hate, pursued particularly against any unwanted student in the way of her vision of the supremacy of White Christian Eugenics. And any staff with demonstrable libertarian values or less than proper conservative expression is soon history.

Pompositee’s church, The Assemblies of God, is populated by rich Born Again conservative republicans, from the Northeast Heights in town, where the church is located, and from the millionaire mountain enclave above the city called Kopaaka, after the many dead Indians whose spirits have been disturbed by the mansions built upon the site of their once thriving community. Here upon the spirit lives of the very people their civilization has murdered, Pompositee’s school serves to keep the children ‘of the good families’ in a ‘safe for Christians’ environment.

Sharing coffee in informal setting with Kopaaka millionaire fascist’s wives, Pompositee Succubus recalled how she had repeatedly ordered her youngest, her only boy, to the Peach tree to harvest the branch she would beat him with. The boy, now in prison, was the incorrigible male child that no matter how Pompositee had tried, he simply could not be taught right from wrong. The boy would come in and begin crying even before he had to remove his pants, exposing bare buttocks and legs and bend over his bed. More strikes for that. The boy had to count the strikes of the branch against his bare legs, she aimed for the legs because his agony would be greater, and if he could not muster the proper tone and cadence, the strike repeated, 12, 12, 12,,,, (would she ever strike to the promised number of twenty and it could end?) until the boy was a single unending dying shriek of agony at his well deserved torture, damn, he could learn not to sneak into the kitchen to eat between mealtimes!

The several Kopaaka ladies concurred, it was scriptural, ‘spare the rod and spoil then child’ and there simply was no way of knowing God’s purpose and mysterious ways or intent when these properly disciplined children went wrong. Pompositee received knowing looks and firm support, when bringing ‘Good Christian’ disciplinary philosophy to ‘education’ Pompositee was “Old School.” Her education had been rote, in the structured environment that drills the children in literate memory. Spelling lists neat and 100% correct. Times tables memorized without hesitation or mistake by fourth grade, to 12 x 12. A single mistake in a written essay required the entire project be rewritten, spotlessly

From age five, Pompositee discovered praise accompanied the accomplishments that attended the surrender of natural discovery in her childhood, only Pompositee did not realize she had missed her childhood. She only remembered that her father had sent his fist across the supper table and showered blood everywhere from a broken nose, when her older brother had been asked to “Say Grace” and had unwisely responded with a smirk and the word simply stated: “Grace.” Punishment was not the smart alternative, and Pompositee, within this environment, was a survivor. What Pompositee did not grasp, could not ever grasp, on account of this upbringing, was the idea things could ever be any different for anybody else, any different at all than the perception she learned from her own experiences as a child.

This was because Pompositee had been sequestered throughout childhood. Not in a convent, that might have been an easier fate for her in the end, but in a community that did not tolerate ANY diversity of thinking and experience Pompositee was raised a fundamentalist Christian..

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