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Police Flee Harm City

Police Flee Harm City - Fewer Complaints of Excessive Force

Anarcho-Tyranny Year in Review

“As of Dec. 1, 494 officers — or 19.5 percent of the force — lived in Baltimore. Last year, 567 officers — 21.4 percent of the force — lived in the city.”

“The department reported that complaints of excessive force by officers had declined. They reported 95 complaints during the 12-month period covered in the new report, compared with 128 complaints the year prior. They also reported fewer officers had been suspended.”

In 2016, Baltimore's second-deadliest year on record, bullets claimed targets and bystanders alike - Over 60% of killers still at large.

Community leaders wring hands, show concern.

“Most of the people responsible for the killings in 2016 haven't been caught. The department's clearance rate for the year was below 40 percent. Homicide detectives are drowning in work, including from cases they didn't clear the year before, when the clearance rate was even lower.”

Baltimore Guardian Angels hold vigil for homicide victims

Baltimore Guardian Angels hold vigil for homicide victims

Group urges addressing city violence

Lisa Robinson   News Anchor, I-Team Reporter  

WBAL | 2017-01-02T22:27:13.755305Z


135 Police Officers Killed in 2016

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DvFJanuary 4, 2017 5:08 PM GMT+4

Did the Baltimore police force shrink by two thirds or was there a typo?
responds:January 5, 2017 12:57 PM GMT+4

I went back through the Sun article, the force has only shrunk from, 2,646 to 2,528 sworn officers. [90 officer short, or less than 5%]

What this article does not show is that 30 experienced officers left every month for 15 months [according to the head of the police union interviewed on a radio show in August] which means that you have a very green police force that has not been brought back up to full strength even after 29 recruiting events.