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‘Two Bitches, Two Niggas’
The Capture and Torture of White Retarded Man In Chicago by Four Black Retarded Thugs

Race War Update - Dindu Teens Torture White Mam on Facebook Live.

Fuck Donald Trump!" “Fuck white people!"

Given the incriminating self-admissions on social media, "broadcast for the entire world to see", the authorities might be forced to charge the oppressed youths with hate crimes.


“Police are investigating the case as a potential kidnapping and possible hate crime — the assailants in the video are black and called the victim a "goof-ass white man."

This does happen frequently in Baltimore to chemically retarded whites—crack-heads and heroin addicts and alcoholic homeless men—every time they are a dollar short for their dope and try to beg a favor, whenever they don’t have any money to buy dope and sit on a curb to suffer and are then beaten for “squatting.”

I repeat, this is normal, and it usually happens in the mouths of alley’s, on sidewalks, in the Middle of the street. I once watched this on Monument Street on a Sunday morning, as a gigantic black man tortured a scrawny white man. I saw it in Logan Village Dundalk, next to the pawn shop in 1997. A lady friend of mine has seen gangs of black men do this to young white girls two blocks from the Central District Police Station in downtown Baltimore in broad daylight, dragging them into the cleanest alleys in town to do whatever 10 men do to one girl.

The abduction and torture of whites by gangs of blacks in Baltimore City is normal. It is normal because most black children are abducted and beaten or abducted and raped, by groups of older blacks, before age 14. The ripe age for gangbanging girls in the hood is 13. the Dindus are beginning to treat whites like they treat each other, a sign of evolution from subhuman to quasi-human perhaps.

It is unusual that such a thing—such a say-to-day ritual among Dindus—was streamed live, but not surprising. The only thing unusual about this case is that people care because the white guy is a retard. If it had happened to me the attack would have been excused by the media for some article I wrote, or because I fought back, etc.

Do not forget that every white junky, stoner and drunk that you see on a city street has been abducted and beaten [if male] or abducted and raped by a gang of black men or youths on one or more occasions. This is a hard fact of life in the city, but most of America will believe that it only happened this one time. One thing that I have been told that there is a lot of video footage of is gangs of black youth making a black boy perform oral sex on them with a gun pointed to his head. I did not have the stomach to look for that.


On Bitches

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