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‘Getting Rid of the Conscience’
‘Ruled from Behind the Scenes’: The Visions of Charlotte Iserbyt and Normon Dodd

“Two important videos (want your thoughts):”

-Baruch K.

Thanks, Baruch for the video links.

I found Norman Dodd’s recollection to be compelling and authentic as I went through something very similar when I was asked to take over a business and fix it, and then discovered that the owners who had hired me were the problem. Baruch, I have been of the opinion that whatever power behind the scenes that has lain in Great Britain for these past 400 or so years has never let go of America, and that Carnegie’s dream is not so far out of step with what his trusties have done, only that where he thought of restoring Great Britain and America as one, they saw with finer filters that what was at stake was restoring America to those unseen powers via realigning its interests with those of Great Britain, which, in my view, began with cooperative actions in China just after the American Civil War up through the Boxer’s Rebellion. Essentially, America was only free from the reign of Andrew Jackson until the founding of the Federal Reserve.

Dodd’s picture of our puppet masters seems to square neatly with investigations of the Clinton Foundation, which appears to be a late comer to the foundation game, operating in blunter fashion.

The interview with Charlotte Iserbyt I saved for last as her observations seemed, at a glance, to fall within Dodd’s. Much of what she discusses focuses on The Department of Education, created in 1978 as the end game towards robotizing our population.

Briefly, I could not imagine a nation state ever fostering broad-based enlightenment of young minds but only the opposite. I believe that only a fool could imagine that a well-read, free-thinking electorate, trained in research, would be a desired product of State sanctioned schools. Every educator I know—and I am close to four—have resigned out of disgust from their public school jobs, each of them taking large pay cuts in the process. Education is simply not a field for learning anymore than a strip mall karate studio is a school for fighting.

That said, now I shall listen to the old dame. Based on the YouTube sidebars there are many interviews with Griffith [the guy that interviewed Dodd] and Iserbyt.

I remember seeing two of these books in school on my teachers’ desks—what a chilling sight! More reasons to hate LBJ and to remind us how important a smart broad is to a community. Her focus on developing illiteracy as a trait among high school graduates is something I can attest to as an employer who had a hard time finding a high school graduate that could spell “inventory.” If you paid attention in school, instead of doing what you were told, none of what Charlotte says should be a surprise. An important aspect is that Charlotte tracks brainwashing initiatives aimed at the same collectivist goal across party lines, signed by presidents ideologically poles apart. This lady is a crusader, with a heavy lineup of instructional videos on the industry dedicated to turning your children into robots.

Mainely Unspoken "Dumbing Down of Schools" with Charlotte Iserbyt

Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations

Under the God of Things

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BaruchKJanuary 6, 2017 4:32 AM UTC

I think that Iserbyt is onto something regarding the dialectic approach.

If, for instance, you wanted to get rid of black people, the thing to do would be to spend 100 years turning many of them into trash through entitlement, doing witch hunts for racists, etc.

Then just ride the backlash.
responds:January 6, 2017 3:50 PM UTC

I will be watching more of her videos. She is a courageous lady.

I've thought the same thing about why the ruling white elite have done everything in their power to turn blacks into utter savages to the point were cannibals in Liberia look to U.S. ghettos for inspiration for their style.

If this black on white violence continues there will come a point where you won't be able to call for moderation and only war will satisfy the backlash.

Thanks for linking this material.