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RIP Tawon
'Somebody Gonna Pay Fo Dat!'

So snarled the angry black man as he pointed at The Avenue News paper by the front door this morning, as I left work. After he walked out I walked to the door, zipping my coat and saw the front page story, with a picture of Tawon Boyd when he wasn't stoned and drunk and resisting arrest. Tawon was a Middle River man, one of our customers.

I stopped and read the opening piece and said to Steevo, "Now I know what the Dindus will be singing while their jumping up and down on my gimpy ass, "Yo, dis fo Tawon!'"

The story was a real tragedy. Tawon seemed like a nice dude [You can tell by his picture that he wasn't chronically aggressive, or very smart] who smoked some bad weed and then his girlfriend gave him a hard time and called the cops on him and told the cops he was drunk and high and crazy. When they arrested him, after the obligatory fight, he began having problems and was sedated by an EMT and died from a reaction to the injection and whatever else he had smoked and drank, causing multiple organ failure.

But that's not enough, his friends want to hurt a white guy—though the one at the door backed off his threat when the three clerks there called him on it.

Tawon's family is looking to cash in and disputing the medical examiner's findings.

It's just another day in Dindustan—one Dindu short.

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