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‘We Will Breed with Them’
‘In the name of the Coming Caliphate!’: Migrant Europe Swarmed by Orks—the Khan Speaks to the Meeks

Yes, I’m knocking back shots keeping the pain at bay, since my pathetic enemies do not seem to be able to rub out a lone, hobbling Whiteman [that’s right, Word still lines Whiteman red if you don’t capitalize that shit!] with a cane that is too short to help him with his hobbling, but is made of hickory and thicker than a bull buck’s…

This looks like a bad science-fiction movie, or The Lord of the Rings done by the makers of the Blair Witch Project.

First, honored Guest, Alex in Athens and my other five European readers, I hope you do well in your perspective niches, but as a whole, I hope Europe is toppled and becomes an Islamic Shitlord State, with the Big Three: affected Germany, infected France and dis-affected England—I’m holding out hope for Sweden, because that’s an awful lot of top quality blonde pussy getting turned into brillo pads—becoming graphic Islamic mud puddles so that the hollow heads in the U.S.A. might realize what is coming their way…

Look at the screaming Negro at 1:43!

Summoner, fetch him for me, please. Do tell him that the Khan would like to hear his war cry with each falling night, so that he might remember the wails of the wenches of the Golden Horde when it was not their men who returned to them by the dark of the shrouded moon, but there dripping heads in our hungry hands!

Did he say "money?"

Does he think Floyd fights in Europe?

I imagine the lice in his wool are quite tenacious.

At 4:50 hear the whining, simpering weaklings who feed these beggars!

What did these faggots think would happen?

This is beautiful, the Cocks are too lazy to mount the chickens so they leave the hen house open for the grouse.

Must See! Crazy European Immigration Crisis

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Sam J.January 6, 2017 9:29 PM UTC

The US is in much worse shape than Europe in terms of non Whites.