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So Many Runaways
Notes on Wading Through a Sea of Iniquity

Having accessed thousands of records of slaves past, I have begun to despair over having the time to tell their story. Thankfully, numerous readers, including Jeremy Bentham and Eirik Bloodaxe, soon to have his own sanguine tag, have pitched in to keep the volume of content at this site sufficient to satisfy the curiosity of those who have come to delve into the various taboo areas of life examined here.

This permits me to commit to a slave of the day, as I conduct the hundreds of posthumous interviews with an eye towards staffing the short fiction project, Sold. Sold will not be a novel or series of novels, but an anthology of shorts—up to novelette length. This will permit me to focus on the many aspects of early American life without unrealistically shoehorning concepts and conditions into a single fictional narrative.

Sold will not be limited to Caucasian slaves, although that will be the main focus. All shades of servile humanity will be profiled, from city wharves to frontier warpaths, in an attempt to paint an accurate bottom up picture of the now brightly shrouded lie that was Plantation America.

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