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Life Style Entitlement
In the Women’s Room at the Ghetto Grocer
After doing record business feeding the need of the locals to consume mass quantities of potato ships, dip, scrimps and various delectables for New Year’s weekend, Larry returned to work on Monday morning, January 2, 2017, not realizing that he would, before the day was out, face a new type of entitlement. Grocery managers are well-versed in the entitlement mentality in that they deal from dawn to dusk with people spending free money and wanting the most and the best of everything for heir sloth-earned dollar.
In the middle of the day, having barely made a dent in putting the store back together, a female employee came to Larry to complain that two women were in the second stall in the women’s restroom, having sex, literally rocking that tiny world as the stall itself lurched back and forth and creaked with the rhythmic action dictated by the panting, moans and groans…
Larry went back to the women’s room with the female who made the complaint and sure enough, could hear the sounds of beastly lust. Satisfied that he was listening to sex, Larry opened the door halfway, without looking in and said, sternly, “Take that shit home!”
Minutes later Larry was summoned to the courtesy desk to answer a complaint. A bull dyke awaited him there and said, “I’d like to complain to the manager about how my friend and I were treated in the women’s room, people talking at us like we was having sex or something. She is at her time of the month and I was helping her out.”
Larry answered, “Miss, I was back there and sex was never mentioned. Have a nice effing day.”
He then went back to the business of serving the obese, subsidized, starving, entitled masses, wondering where entitlement would stop, now that lesbian freaks felt entitled enough to use a toilet stall for sex and then complain that their rights had somehow been violated by verbal objections on the part of jealous breeders.
“I’m counting down the days,” Larry said, “Waiting tables at my son’s country restaurant after retirement is sounding evermore like paradise.”
When Your Job Sucks
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ShepJanuary 9, 2017 9:10 PM UTC

L-Face would throw up and drop the chainsaw on his foot.
GerardJanuary 6, 2017 3:19 PM UTC

Next time send Leather Face and his chainsaw into the women's room.