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Looting is the New Shoplifting
Gas station employee killed with baseball bat during struggle with shoplifting suspect

A gas station and convenience store employee in Milwaukee chased after a shoplifter and was beaten to death with a baseball bat for his trouble. Unknown if the baseball bat was the employee’s or the perp’s. Coincidently, the viral video of convenience store employees getting beaten with one of their own baseball bats was from Milwaukee too.

“The gas station employee, identified as Harjinder Singh, was 34 years old, and died from injuries suffered during a struggle with the suspect. Police on Thursday confirmed the weapon that ended his life was a baseball bat.”

What would be the best impact weapon for a convenience store clerk to use James?

I'm not discussing against the bat here, Jeremy, but in case the clerk was beaten with his own bat, suggesting that a heavy flashlight with four of more D-cell batteries be used. Any thing longer than your arm and non metallic is too easy to take away. Extension weapons like bats are terrible weapons to use against larger antagonists and excellent for large Dindus to use against smaller people.

Clerks should never take on a large Dindu by themselves. If a large Dindu with a bat was present than I suggest a mop or broom handle to thrust by one clerk and mace by the second clerk, otherwise, take cover and/or retreat.

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Sam J.January 9, 2017 7:37 AM UTC

I don't want masses of Indians in the country(dot) but I don't want them fed to the Orcs either. He hit him really hard. You could hear it. I was reading a Vox Day post and he's calling for segregation. I wonder if this will not happen some day as we can't live with these people. If we were allowed to fight them back in the same manner and NOT be put in the same jails as them then we would have a good chance with them. It's the fact that they own the jails that causes Whites to not fight back. I know James thinks we're all just pussies but I disagree. I think it's the fact that if you get put in jail with them your maneuvering range has drastically fallen. You run out of choices. Avoiding fighting them at least allows you some choice. If they did not persecute Whites for defending themselves I bet things would be different.

One of the biggest things Trump could do for the defense of Whites is to declare Whites put in jails with Blacks as a civil rights violation of the Whites. You would see them start fighting back then.
Sam J.January 8, 2017 7:15 PM UTC

There are 45.7 million Blacks in the US. About 40% seem to be trouble. So 18,280,000 Blacks need to be imprisoned in the Western waste lands of the US doing permaculture land rehabilitation. They should be chained to large rocks so they can't get away. Those that work get decent food which they mostly raise after a couple of years of building the farms and infrastructure for it. Those that won't are just chained to a big rock in the desert and separated so they have no one to talk too. They are fed a few sprouts, rice and beans. A diet that's very good for you but...not so tasty. The first major advance from this would be the robbing, stealing, killing and raping would decline dramatically. Extremely dramatically. The second would be after ten or twenty years of consistently doing this they would, I hope, learn to control themselves somewhat better. If they don't then we'll just separate them from us and that will be enough. Combine that with high rise buildings where they are stored, mandatory birth control and they could completely be under control in five years time.