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Death Toll from the Flu
Continues to rise in Washington | 790 KGMI

Harry said they lost a 12 yr old kid today.

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Sam J.January 9, 2017 10:25 PM UTC

Forgot to add I would love to take a vaccine for this but...I don't trust them. I have no problems with vaccine theory I have problems being assured their vaccine products aren't faulty and contaminated. There's been several papers written where their effectiveness has been close to zero. I believe they just pout shit out for cash and don't care about their products. I read once that the swine flu was sent to Ukraine and one of their doctors decided to test the batch on some monkeys he had and most of them died! The looked and the vaccines were contaminated. Now supposedly the structure,the actual building and the way it's built, is supposed to stop this but it didn't and as far as I know nobody had an answer for why it didn't. I don't trust them. The last shot I got was for tetanus. I felt it was worth the risk as getting lock jaw really sucks.
Sam J.January 9, 2017 10:18 PM UTC

I hope every time you hear info on this you will let us know. I've got a mask for welding, painting, etc. The kind with screw on filters. I'm going to go buy some new filters. Probably get the vapor type as I can weld with them so they block very small particles.

Here's the one I have.

It has a P100 gauge filter. I believe the higher the number the smaller the particle. I know if I weld without it I can't breath from the welding vapors and cough and gasp for breath for an hour or so. Very unpleasant.