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The Knucklehead Defense
On the Expectant Benefactors of the Chuck Norris Rule

Knuckleheads…dumb, dumb knuckleheads…My high school shop teacher used to call us students knuckleheads all the time. On reflection I guess we should have really taken offense to that appellation, given what kind of people the word is used to refer to nowadays.

You do see this on TV all the time, don’t you? Black people being interviewed on TV news and asked to comment on the latest crime of violence in their inner city neighborhood will invariably refer to the black perpetrators as "knuckleheads”. As if the perps were just some juvenile pranksters or dullards who couldn’t figure out what else to do with themselves so they got into a spot of “trouble”. Minimizing the magnitude of the crimes they commit by comparing them to youthful mischief makers. It couldn’t possibly be that they are criminal psychopaths, unmanageable misfits, who just enjoy victimizing people and will keep doing so until they are imprisoned or shot dead. Could it?

“And this is why identity politics are the new normal in America. There is no returning from this, because demographics is destiny.”

– Vox Day

True. In politics it’s never what was done, but who did it and/or who it was done to that matters. Your skin is your uniform in 21st Century America. It doesn’t matter how many friends and acquaintances you have of other races. That won’t buy you any love or mercy in the parking garage at 10pm.

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Sam J.January 9, 2017 11:03 PM UTC

Oh no, my shop teacher said the same except he had a little addition,"wasting wood...knuckleheads".

"...“Kids make stupid mistakes, I shouldn’t call them kids, they are legally adults, but they are young adults and the make stupid decisions. That certainly will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime, determine whether or not this is sincere or stupid ranting and raving.”

- Kevin Duffin, Detective Commander, Chicago Police..."

SOB should be fired. Immediately. I bet if the downstairs folks hadn't complained about them making so much noise torturing that poor boy so he could get away they would have killed him.

Luckily they didn't have any alligators around so that they didn't feed him to alligators like they did to that girl that was kidnapped and raped over multiple days.