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Racial Harmony News
Peace, Love and Murder in Dindustan

Pro-black white journalist in South Africa stabbed to death by… black robbers

Your skin is your uniform.

“In life Steven Otter castigated his fellow whites for their “misperception” of black crime in South Africa. Yet in one of those harsh racial ironies the country is famous for, he was stabbed to death by two black robbers in his home on Reconciliation Day 16 December 2016, dying in the arms of his coloured partner, Nathalie Williams — in front of her 7-year old daughter.”

A Case For Segregation By Vox Day

“I waited at the counter of a white restaurant for eleven years. When they finally integrated, they didn't have what I wanted.”

- Dick Gregory

“One of the most painful realizations for the Baby Boomer generation is the failure of the Civil Rights Movement, and the increasing evidence that those evil, very bad, horrible segregationists were right all along.” – Vox Day

Yes, it’s ironic. Where I lived in the Midwest 54 years ago we didn’t have much contact with blacks. We watched the followers of Dr. Martin Luther King on TV and were generally impressed by their peaceful attitudes, their discipline and self-control. It seemed to give the lie to the segregationists about what black people were like. It made the segregationists sound like liars and imbeciles. Fair is fair and people are people, right? So what would be the harm in allowing black people to go where they wanted like everyone else? Well 54 years later we’ve found out. Especially since the Leftist elites who have been running the country for the past half century placed little to no restraints on black behavior, while at the same time inculcating blacks with a pernicious sense of grievance against whites.

Well hey, to transform a society Marxists need conflict. Conflict effects change. Where there is no conflict the Marxists will create it. Racial and ethnic differences are ready made for creating friction and conflict. It’s all intentional.

President Obama and his Leftist fellow travelers likely ruined race relations in America for good and all. That along with the 20 trillion dollars in national debt have very probably dealt our republic mortal wounds.

We are already in the middle of a race war, except that so far only one side is doing any fighting. Add the inevitable economic collapse to that and we’ll really see some drama.

Race Differences Include More, Much More, Than Propensity To Violence

Sound familiar James?

Jeremy, no body dislikes black people more than black people as evidenced by murder trends. When I moved out of the home that I bought in the area where I was the last white home buyer, my neighbor—a mild mannered professional with wife and the first black to buy in the neighborhood—complained, with a tear in his eye, "I moved out here because I wanted neighbors like you, now you're leaving."


Although in all fairness I’m pretty certain there are many things that white people do and say that get on black people’s nerves. To which I say…Stay away from us then! Why do you keep wanting to move next door to us?

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