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Dickless Tracy & Bitches Be Crazy
The America/Transgender Love-In Conintues

Woman shoves ID in private parts during traffic stop

Would you take it out of your vagina please ma’am and hand it to me.

Accused sextortionist sisters to hit up Vegas

Kardashian look-alike femme fatales to hit Sin City after scamming Nigeria.

“Two Toronto sisters at the heart of a Nigerian sex scandal are rolling the dice and planning to hit Las Vegas next. Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo are currently out on bail in Nigeria and have signed criminal undertakings confessing to blackmailing and cyberbullying more than 200 men. They have also agreed never to return to the west African nation. The duo are slated to next appear in a Nigerian court on Jan. 26. The sister’s alleged scheme involved luring wealthy men into a honey trap and the snare was snapshots of them in raunchy sex acts.”

Dickless Tracy?

Seattle-area transgender cops interviewed in HBO documentary

Oh but “he” has a “snap-on” tool now.

California Funds 1st US Inmate Sex Reassignment Surgery

I suppose the authorities can parole "her” now. Now that "she" is a woman, “she” will be statistically less likely to offend. On the other hand, if “she” does re-offend and leaves behind DNA evidence, "she” will be identified as a male because “she” will still have the male XY chromosome rather that the female XX chromosome. It’s just not fair, is it?

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