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Do you carry? Violence against Trump supporters explodes across country

January 6, 2017 By Katie 6 Comments

Image Credit: Kelly McCarthy

The FBI ran a record-smashing 27.5 million gun-related background checks in 2016, indicating that many Americans are likely getting their carry licenses. And it’s no wonder: a nationwide explosion of violent mob attacks by rabid liberals has Donald Trump supporters trading in “MAGA” for “CCW.”

The heinous kidnapping and torture of a special-needs white man by four black youths in Chicago is just the latest anti-Trump assault/hate crime to take place since the election. Here’s a rundown of some of the others:

· Again in Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago, a group of black men assaulted a white man after a fender bender because he presumably voted for Trump.

· High school students in Rockville, Md., just outside Washington, D.C., assaulted a fellow student for supporting Trump.

· A black high school student in Redwood City, Calif., accused a white Trump-supporting student of hating Mexicans before viciously beating her.

· An anti-bullying ambassador with ties to Black Lives Matter was charged with felony assault after she shoved a 74-year-old-man to the ground while protesting outside Trump Tower in New York City.

· A man was reportedly attacked and choked on a New York subway for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

· Prior to the election, Trump supporters were assaulted and bloodied by protestors outside a Trump rally in San Jose, Calif.

· A 62-year-old man wearing a Trump shirt was attacked with a crowbar in New Jersey.

This is far from a comprehensive list. Unlike the myriad hoax assaults reported by liberals, the attacks and hate crimes being carried out against Trump supporters are very, very real. It’s no wonder Americans are choosing to pack heat.

H/T: The Daily Caller

The Hearing Protection Act

Gun silencers are hard to buy. Donald Trump Jr. and silencer makers want to change that.

Firearm silencers (AKA sound suppressers) are a restricted device in the U.S.A. To buy one you must apply for a federal permit and pay a $200 “transfer tax” as well. All in accordance with the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA 1934).

In other countries, such as New Zealand , Switzerland and the UK, a silencer for a gun is no more controversial than a muffler for a car. There are no legal restrictions on the their purchase in those countries. Interestingly enough the Brits even call car mufflers “silencers”. This sounds peculiar to American ears, but then from an engineering stand point it is essentially correct. Both car mufflers and firearm silencers operate on the same principle: they capture and cool off propellant gases so that they will make less noise when they hit the atmosphere. A firearm silencer then is simply a "gun muffler”. No, silencers don’t really make the quiet hissing or whistling noise like they do in the movies, but they do reduce the earsplitting “KABOOM” of the gun’s report down to a much more tolerable “bang” or “pop”. Of course silencers do not attenuate the "ballistic crack” (a small sonic boom) produced by supersonic bullets. Although only the targets you are shooting at are likely to hear it since it travels out at right angles to the path of the bullet. You can eliminate this ballistic crack entirely by using a gun firing sub-sonic cartridges. Naturally this limits your range, but depending on what your target is that might not be an issue.

Now there is a gun rights movement to remove the NFA restrictions on silencers: to reduce noise pollution. In recent years many states have made it legal to hunt with silencer equipped guns, so long has the hunter possesses the required federal permits for said silencer. A silencer is particularly useful for reducing the population of prolific nuisance animals like feral hogs and coyotes. They also protect your hearing while hunting without having to plug your ears and thus allow you to listen for your prey unimpaired.

Silencers, as well as crossbows and switchblade knives, have been the victim of unreasoning prejudice for many years. There is no empirical evidence that these implements were used in the commission of crime anymore that any other devices. They appear to have been used more in crime portrayed in the movies and on television than in reality. Public policy for the past hundred years has been guided by the progressive “precautionary principle”: it’s worth restricting everyone’s freedom so long as you can save one single life. We’ve learned over the past century that this sort of thinking has in actual fact put the public in greater danger, while denying people the ability to fend for themselves. Now for a change there’s real push back against the nanny state.

It’s a brave new world…

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