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Jihadist Cubs
Jihad Update 1/9/17

ISIS Video Shows Preschooler Killing Victim Tied to Carnival Ball Pit

“At the age of five, Kichizaemon Yamamoto’s father ordered him to take sword in hand and cut down a dog. At the age of fifteen, he was ordered to execute criminals. It used to be that a warrior was ordered to take a head by the age of fourteen or fifteen. Lord Katsushige learned to kill with the sword under the direction of his father, Lord Naoshige, while he was still very young. After a while he could cut down ten men in succession. In times past this was the practice, especially among the affluent, but now no one learns to kill while young. This is very short-sighted.”

- Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

The ISIS “Cubs” program. Training future jihadists to kill.

UK: Lawyer for jihad killer says he was:

“confused by vehicles driving on different side of road than he was used to”

I’m soooo confused!…I must kill infidels…

Fort Lauterdale Airport Shooting Gun A Walther PPS?

Video of First Shots in Ft. Lauderdale Shooting | TMZ

Video of First Shots in Ft. Lauderdale Shooting | TMZ

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