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'Against the Children of Men'
My Vision of Comming Tragedies by A.C. Valdez Junior

Storms, Floods, Earthquakes, Famine—all mythologies have one or more of these perils in their legends of times long past, buried beneath the detritus of artifice and lie which is heaped up as civilization. Whether one heads an impersonal, Aristotelian God—a Cause Uncaused—or the God Almighty, the punishing Old Testament God who saw to it that wayward men would be brought into line via the action of the greater Creation he had planted them in, cataclysm and End Time fears play well in the human mind and loom large in Aryan mythology. As a man much more at home with the Old Testament than the New, I might have a bone or two to pick with John of Patmos for some of his predictive elements in the Apocrypha, but he certainly painted a lustrous image of classical Aryan cataclysmic fury, and A. C. Valdez seems to have reread Revelations before a fitful night of sleep and woke up and composed this ambitiously repetitious 8-page track I keep in my wallet.

The awful dream he recounts is too repetitious to be accounted for as a piece of religious salesmanship. His dream drags, would be brutally edited by a Hollywood director using it as the basis for a disaster film. Speaking of which, the prevalence and success of disaster movies and post-apocalyptic TV shows, points to a deep collective memory, which would properly be expected to emerge as dream. Though a skeptic of biblical prophecy, I believe Valdez had this dream as written, such a dream that has been had countless times across Indo-European history and which has often enough come true.

Most of my readers would scoff at Valdez' tract. But, recall that as he writes of heaven-sent dread, we lie in the power of the Neo-Conservative Priesthood of world economic domination via military supremacy. Our rulers have constantly sought, for the past 24 years, to embroil our nations in neverending warfare of the money-against-faith kind, to have our sons maimed in far lands, in order to perpetuate constant warfare. Constant warfare, we are told—as if hearing a medieval leech speak of bleeding us to prevent being cleaved in the upcoming battle—is necessary if one is to avert a world war, a type of manmade cataclysm of which they forever warn even as they bate the Russian Bear—which somehow retained its soul in a communist tomb—to be reborn as a real nation, just as nations have been declared obsolete.

Attuned to the cyclic nature of human action through a lifetime of reading what one is not supposed to read, I tend to heed apocalyptic prophecy as valid, yet not as total as the believer might. To the secular unbeliever, I would say, your leaders preach the same message even as they threaten war with machines that would have seemed to a monk on a Greek isle in late antiquity as being the very beast risen for an End Time feast.

One might wish to consider that a traditional fire and brimstone Christian sermon is more honest than the speech of a politician dancing to the bankers' globalist tune.

If you would like to read from Mister Valdez' tract, contact Pilgrim Tract Society, Inc. PO Box 126, Randleman, NC, 27317 USA and ask for a free copy of the Pilgrim Gospel Messenger.

I would like to thank Jose for my copy.

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Mesc FranklinJanuary 9, 2017 6:01 PM UTC

"which somehow retained its soul in a communist tomb"

This is one of the pivotal and bitter to swallow observations

of any 'rah-rah' Americans. This truth cuts deep and cares not for our cherished conservative beliefs. I believe it should be an Alt-Right cornerstone.

It can be just simply analyzed as hardships and less affluence keeping primordial virtues/masculinity intact. Old Plantation America still had its defiant rebels, now today..not so much.

There is, deservedly, NO future in bourgeois notions.