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A White Hot Fire Rises at Chateau Heartiste

I like the tone of this article and the strength and civility in it. I’ve been worried that, due to the groveling self-hatred of the liberal white elites, that when palefaces finally decide to stand up for themselves again, that it would be with the shrill Hollywood Hebrew tone that so many on the alt-right have adopted either consciously or unconsciously. Realizing that commentary against the PC Shitlib world view is largely being conducted by disenchanted liberals, I expected them to be bitchy and effete upon hearing they were out there and heard that they were so on quite a few podcasts, such as Spence and The Right Stuff. I much prefer the reserved simmer, the tone that suggests it will not be a mimic of its enemy.

The thing that has always galled me about the fascist mentality in white identity politics is that these were white men who acted like black men and talked like secular Jewish women—like they absorbed the worst elements of the cultures they opposed. I’ll never be a part of politics of any kind, but I can’t help that I’m a paleface, so I ask this simple favor of the would-be race warriors that have come to this site looking for advice on beating down Dindus. Please, remember that your ancestors conquered the greater part of a world in a few generations, mostly in the manner of quiet determination and an unflinching belief that they were the better men.

During this period the martial culture of men of European descent—especially of Anglo and German heritage—revolved around the pistol duel and boxing match, the sword duel having devolved to a farce among the Italians, Spanish and French—which was a distillation of what leadership in the front ranks in firearms warfare required—cool. Boxing was adopted—and is still used—by militaries of this period in order to impart that cool bearing under fire needed by officer and men. Rather than loudly starting the fight [the work of politicians], the fighting man was tasked with quietly finishing it.

Coolness and determination in combat is the ultimate test of a man and can be prepared for by conducting yourself always in such a manner, like that demonstrated by the five working class white men who quietly and neatly disposed of anti-Trump signs in a liberal suicide metropolis, not joining the insanity with shrill bitch-calls, but quietly dismantling it. I always despised skinheads for their failure to remain cool.

I do not usually read anything that makes me proud of my race on Alt-right sites, but this did. Check it out at the link below.

Thanks to Mescaline Franklin for the link.

He: Gilgamesh: Into the Face of Time

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AnonymousJanuary 10, 2017 2:49 PM UTC

"I do not usually read anything that makes me proud of my race on Alt-right sites"

I'm a bit surprised by this. Sure, there's a quotient of effete neck beards, but aren't you overstating it? It's good to have a high bar, but compared to what is said and writing anywhere else, batting 0.500 actually looks pretty good to me.
responds:January 11, 2017 8:36 AM UTC

I was too hard here and was not thinking of literary sites like Counter Currents but current events articles, particularly the podcasts like The Right Stuff where every guy sounds like Adam Sandler cracking in-jokes and a Jewess angry with her husband. The whining tone just grates on my primitive ears.
Sam J.January 10, 2017 5:56 AM UTC

Did you see the post right before the one linked? I can't believe that (((they're))) wording the Chicago attack like it was Whites torturing a Black. This is why I call them a tribe of psychopaths and why they get thrown out of every single country they go to. I really believe they don't know when to stop. They don't have the internal guidance that says,"maybe too much", it's just not there and well..."arrogance has always worked before". I hope they keep it up. I hope they keep up this Russia threw the election stuff and all the other madness they're covering. At some point it will switch and stuff that I might say, and be considered evil for, will be the predominate vein of thought. It will just be accepted. No comment will be needed.
responds:January 10, 2017 1:13 PM UTC

I think you are correctly predicting a second purge of these people at some point, unless they manage to bring about the world hive. It is my sense that the three members of the tribe that have written to me sense this too, that this is the wrong way to live as a dispersed people, by being aggressively meddlesome.