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Reader tells us why cheap refugee labor has taken over meatpacking jobs

“Stopping illegal immigration would mean that wages would have to rise to a level where Americans would want the jobs currently taken by illegal aliens.”

- Thomas Sowell

“Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them.”

- Thomas Sowell

Interesting post from that nice lady from Maryland, Ann Corcoran. Politics make for strange bedfellows, the Left and Agribusiness, like the meatpacking industry, are allies in the effort to ghettoize small town America by bringing in third world refugees (colonists) as cheap labor. Once the Third World refugees settle in your community the main subject of discussion for your city government and school board forever after becomes how to find remedies for the dysfunctional and disruptive behavior of the refugees. Not to mention how to care for the refugee community’s children and old people, who will seem to have been brought here and abandoned despite the fact that they invariably belong to enormous extended family "tribes”. The extended family tribe only seems to be useful for providing reinforcements when you are feuding with your neighbors. Conversely if you DO NOT have an extended family willing to rumble at the drop of hat (or the utterance of an ethnic slur) you soon find yourself at a severe disadvantage in such ongoing disputes.

The agribusinesses want cheap labor, the Democrats want to flood the country with new voters who will be perpetually dependent on the welfare nanny state and will consequently support the maintenance and expansion of Democrat Party tax and spend, big-government welfare policies. The polices are pushing our country to economic collapse.

Ironically (or perhaps not) the agribusinesses soon find that the cheap labor of the refugees comes at a price because the refugees bring all manner of disruptive issues and attitudes to the workplace. The Somalis especially, being Muslims, have proven to be arrogant and demanding to the point that they believe that their very need and want should be provided for without argument or hesitation by there employer, or else…RACIST! They’re less reliable than white millennials, surprisingly enough. LOL! Well, it serves the agribusinesses right, doesn’t it?

I too recall that way back when, back in the days of my youth, meatpacking jobs were well paying. It was hard, exhausting work. Dangerous as well. Meat packers and slaughter house workers would often cut or stab themselves, in spite of the protective equipment of the times it seemed. There was a high turn-over among workers at the local meat-packing plant because of the demanding work, but the plant never experienced any shortage of job applicants either. You could make good money at the job. Lots of overtime available too. The pay was good enough to support what was regarded to be a middle-class life style at the time If you want to learn to be a meat cutter today all you have to do is sign up for the Job Corps. You’ll come away from the experience having learned a marketable trade, with no student debt.

The experience of the meat-packing industry teaches us that the notion that illegal aliens only take jobs Americans do not want is a fabrication. A deceitful exaggeration. It’s NOT just the jobs that Americans don’t or wouldn’t want that illegals are being allowed and encouraged to take up, as the post below discusses. It’s all part of persuading us to accept the Leftist transformation of our country.

Getting new housing in your town?

Then you will get refugees! - Resettlement watch

The compliment to section eight housing for transforming America.

“Changing the heartland one town at a time!”

“So, don’t fall for the humanitarian mumbo-jumbo! Refugee resettlement is an industry! Chambers of Commerce want it, housing developers want it, big industries want it for cheap labor, local mosque leaders want it, politicians want it (money!), and the resettlement contractors get jobs and nice salaries all while pretending to wear a white hat of humanitarianism!”

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