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‘You Wanna Be a Man?’
The Case Against the Uppercut

This is perhaps the best example of an uppercut you will see. The problems with an uppercut are many:

1. The wrist tends to get injured practicing an uppercut on the bag.

2. The delivery of an uppercut demands you expose your center line.

3. The uppercut only tilts the brain and does not rotate it or send a shock wave through the neck and base of the skull

4. The straight right to the chin send a shock wave through the base of the brain—lights out.

5. A hook sends a shock wave and rotates the brain and hits the balance center if you catch them on the temple.

When to Throw the Uppercut

Throw the uppercut when your man has already committed and missed,

or when he is shelling up,

when he is on the run,

or when his hands are down.

You do not throw the uppercut against a man with a punch ready to send your way.

The uppercut is best thrown as the second or third punch in a combo, not the lead as shown here.

Throw the uppercut when you have a hook [after a right uppercut] or a straight right [after a left uppercut] ready to throw. The beauty about the uppercut is you lift the chin and then hit it with the following punch and drop your man.

For advice on how to throw the uppercut checkout Jason Van Veldhuysen’s Precision Striking You Tube channel. He has the best coaching points and great technique for this punch.

ThrowBack Video: Tommy Sotomayor's Take On Bus Driver Upper Cuts Beastie Passenger!

Here is a reload of a classic video that was pulled, which is linked to my bus article The Insanity Box but that version was deleted by You Tube.

Thriving in Bad Places

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