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'The Man of the Future'
Stefan Gets Dragged Down a Eugenics Rabbit Hole

I don't like his call-in shows, but this lady is a very good thinker and clearly spoken.

And this was not a bad listen.

I like how it illustrates a parent's plight as they see no future for their grandchildren even as their children stumble witlessly into the yawning maw of extinction.

Stefan's rosy picture of British Imperialism is kind of vapid. One hint should have been, however, that during their conquest of the far flung corners of the world, they treated no one worse than their poor, white slaves, who were used as soldiers against fierce warrior people and literally chained and beaten as they worked, less than half of them surviving their bondage. The colonial Brit hated his own lower class and regarded the low classes of the indigenous populations as mere beasts. He only had an affinity for the upper class and ruling elites of these alien cultures. Far from colonizing being an attempt to replicate European culture overseas, it was exploitation of the lower class—white and colored combined—that drove colonization.

Spengler is clear on this, that colonization was a means of accessing resources for the home country. This process set up the imperial implosion that we are seeing. America opened itself to hostile immigration when it embarked on its global expansion just over a hundred years ago. The European empires were in place earlier so they have imploded earlier, with barbarians drawn to the center of empire where the guilty scions of the elite point the accusatory finger at the poor members of their won race.

Stefan is so locked into the standard narrative it would shock him if he knew how up the elitist ass he is. He claims that America was not built on slavery, when it was clearly built on white slavery. He can't even see beyond the unique "black-only slavery" construct.

When he gets into intelligence and third generation immigrants he's finally on firm footing. He really needs to read his history.

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Sam J.January 11, 2017 3:09 AM UTC

James have you ever read eyewitness testimony of the tenth-century Arab diplomat and writer Ahmad ibn Fadlan about his time with the Volga Vikings? He traveled to the North and wrote down all he saw.

Another but Persian.
responds:January 11, 2017 8:21 AM UTC

I read this account when I was 12-years old in a history book and have been fascinated by it ever since. Michael Chrichton did a good novel linking this account with Beowulf titled Eaters of the Dead that was made into the movie The 13th Warrior.

Thank you for these links'

I will use them.
deuceJanuary 10, 2017 11:22 AM UTC

The English/British ruling class was overwhelmingly derived from the Normans, with a slow infiltration by some native English. The Normans were descended from Vikings. Considering that the Vikings, in their era, were the biggest native slavers in Europe, shouldn't we be following this narrative back to the source?

In the Lay of Rig, the Norse even laid out a mythological basis for a "thrall" class. The "English" may have perfected the system, but they were taught by past masters who had slaving/subjugation of fellow Europeans in their blood. Hail Odin! ...and all that horseshit.
responds:January 10, 2017 1:09 PM UTC

Robert E. Howard was all over this in his Dark Age and Old Orient fiction and does the early modern hand off with Black Vulmea's Vengeance. I find it fascinating that people such as yourself who are dedicated Howard and Wolfe readers [at least the handful I've known] seem to have a much higher appreciation for the ways in which power corrupts society, rather than just individuals. And that people strongly to the Left cannot stomach reading either of these authors for even a chapter.