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‘Owned by the Oligarchs’
The Assassination of Donald Trump

I find myself researching the likelihood of an assassination of The Last Paleface King and found the following videos among many others. The thing that always fascinated me about Hitler as a figure of timeless evil, was that I was taught in school and by my parents, that what was evil about the Nazis was that they burned books and banned books. Now, on the other end of life, I look about and see that all of those who wish to ban books and the publication of alternative views of life on the internet, are those very people who have held up the man with the bad mustache as a book burner.

Of course politics is nothing more than parties competing for the access to our brain washing machinery to use it on our children.

I recall watching trump’s acceptance speech and his exit. He was the first president that ever mentioned the Secret Service in a speech—as far as I know. Most presidents except for Ford have treated the Secret Service like shit. When he was leaving the leader of his detail was freaking out. That Secret Service Agent with the dark curly hair lost days off his life just ion that stressful moment alone.

This rabbit hole is too big and crowded for my ape’s brain, so I shall return to things both larger and smaller, whence I will go when one side or the other finally brings the soul-erasing hammer down.

The big question is, if Trump gets killed, what does Pence do?

"Trump will be assassinated" Paul Craig Roberts & Max Keiser December 2016

The Assassination of Donald Trump

And, for some anarcho-tyranny icing on the assassination cake:

‘College for Assholes’

Gangs in the Military Documentary

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